Tuesday, January 01, 2013

સવાલો જનરલ નોલેજનાં

-------------વનરાજસિંહ ચાવડા તરફથી------------- હેપ્પી જનરલ નોલેજ ઇયર 
1. Who lives in Buckingham Palace in London? Queen Elizabeth II
2 Where was Homi Bhabha, the nuclear Scientist born? Bombay
3 Which country started the ancient Olympic games? Greeks
4. Which is the largest Gulf? Gulf of Mexico
5. Which is the largest country in terms of area? Soviet Union
6. Who discovered the Polio Vaccine? Dr.Jonak Salk
7. Who was given the title of Desert fox? Field Marshal Erwin Rommel
8. Who invented shorthand? Issac Pitman
9. 1952 A.D. is an important year in British History why? King George VI
10 By the side of which city does the river Ottawa flow? Montreal
11. Which is the land of five rivers in India? Punjab
12. Which is the lowest mountain range in the world? Bhieuna Bhaile
13. Which country is called the Land of Morning Calm? Korea
14. Which city is called the city of Sky scrapers? New York
15. What is defined as the locus of a point moving so that its distance from a fixed point and fixed line are equal? Parabola
16. What is the principal export of Jamaica? Sugar
17. Glimpses of World History is a collection of letters written by Jawaharlal Nehru. To whom were these letters written? Indira Gandhi
18. Where did Gautama Buddha attain Nirvana? Kushi Nagar
19. Which organs of flowering plants take in water? Roots
20. Where was Alaxander the Great born, where did his death occur & where was he burried? Europe (Macedonia) Babylonia (Asia) & Alexanderia (Egypt)
21. Is there any age restriction to donate one's Eyes? No
22. September 3rd is related to the second world war what is its significance? Britain & Germany went to war
23. Is it true that snakes have eyelids? No
24. To what animal family does the dog belong? Wolf & Jackel
25. By what name is the Parliament of Algeria called? National Popular Assembly
26. Where do investors sell second hand shares? Stock Exchange
27. Who established four 'Mutts' in four corners of India? Adi Shankaracharya
28. Which Mughal Emperor was regarded as 'Zinda Pir'? Aurangazeb
29. Rabindranath Tagore gave up his knighthood because of which incident? Jalianwalabagh tragedy
30. Where is the sea of Tranquility located? On the Moon
31. Who is the first Indian to go into Space? Rakesh Sharma
32. When was Goa liberated? December 19,1961
33. Who pointed out the role of heredity? Mendel
34. Who was India's first chief of Naval Staff? R.D.Katari
35. Who played the Pivotal role in Sir Richard Attenborough's Gandhi? Ben Kinseley
36. Who was also known as Shahid-e-Azam? Bhagat Singh
37. Who wrote the book 'Satyartha Prakasha'? Swami Dayanand Saraswati
38. Who first discovered the Pacific Ocean? Vaso Nunez de Balboa
39. Who is known as the father of Indian Nuclear Science? Homi Bhabha
40. Who invented the Refrigerator? J. Perkins
41. Which is the longest road tunnel in the world? Tunnel under that Gothard Mountain range in Switzerland (16 km)
42. What are the measurements of a single's Badminton court? 44 ft * 17 ft
43. Who is the founder of Modern Germany? Bismarck
44. In which country would you find the Yak? Tibet
45. When did the Traveller Hawkins visit India? 1608 AD
46. Which city is called the city of Golden temple? Amritsar
47. Which is the other name of Porus, who nearly defeated Alexander? Purushottam
48. Who was the President of the Indian National Congress as its first session held in 1885? Womesh Chandra Banerji
49. A famous Indian Badminton player was shot dead. Who was he? Syed Modi
50. When is Independence day celebrated in South Korea? 15th August
51. Where is Diamond Harbour located? Calcutta
52. With what game is Paul Charles Morphy associated? Chess
53. When did Ceylon became Srilanka? May 1972
54. Who designed the Rastrapathi Bhavan in Delhi? Sir Edwin Lutyens
55. What is the temperature of the warm blooded animals? Remain Constant
56. In which state is Malayalam Spoken? Kerala
57. In which state is the famous Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary situated? Rajasthan
58. Which country is famous for Samba Dance? Brazil
59. From where did Jesus ascend to heaven? Mount of Olives
60. On the bank of which river is Amaravathi located? Krishna
61. Which day is known as world environment day? June 5th
62. During whose regime were the Rock cut temples of Kailasa and Ellora carved? Krishna I
63. In which country did the first Industrial Revolution take place? England
64. Which is the National flower of China? Narcissus
65. Who discovered Niagara Falls? Louis Hennepin
66. Which acid is used in a car battery? Sulphuric acid
67. Who invented dynamite? Alfred Nobel
68. Who was the first Governor General of Pakistan? Mohammad ali Jinah
69. Which state in India is the largest producer of Saffron? Jammu & Kashmir
70. Who invented the Steam Engine? James Watt
71. What is the botanical name for the Onion? Allium cepa
72. With what is Sylviculture concerned? Timber
73. What is Herpetology? Study of Reptiles
74. What do you call a plant that eats insects? Insectirorous Plants
75. By using what waves does Radar detect objects? Radiowaves
76. What is the name of the element whose symbol is Cr? Chromium
77. What is the atomic number of Oxygen? Eight
78. Who proved that air has weight? Galileo
79. Where is Central Rice Research Institute located? Cuttack
80. Name the class of animals,that eats grass? Herbivorous
81. What is the other name for Sulphuric Acid? Oil of Vitriol
82. What was Galileo's first scientific discovery? The pendulum
83. Name the scientist, credited with the invention of the Crescograph? J.C.Bose
84. Who was the scientist in charge of the project which produced the atom bomb? J. Robert Openheimer
85. Which instrument is used to measure the diameter of a thin wire? Screw Gauge
86. Which is the substance that helps in the digestion of milk? Rennin
87. What is the unit of power? Watts
88. Which lens is used to correct long sight defect? Concave
89. In which form is Iron present in Blood? Compound
90. Name the instrument used in measuring relative humidity of air? Hygrometer
91. Name the Indian born scientist who got a Nobel Prize in the field of Medicine? Hargobind Khorana
92. Two elements that are commonly present in artificial fertilizers are Nitrogen & Phosphorus which is the third one? Patassium
93. Meningitis affects which part of the body? Brain
94. Why is an Altimeter used? Approx. height above the ground
95. Who propounded the Theory of Relativity? Albert Einstein
96. Do you know the real name of the famous writer Mark Twain? Samuel Clemens
97. Both father and son won Dadasaheb Phalke award.Who are they? Prithviraj Kapoor & Raj Kapoor
98. Raghuveer Yadav got the best actor award for the performance in Hindi film. Name the film. Massey Saheb
99. How many silent movies were released in India before Talkie movies came into existence? 1300
100. Which is the smallest book in the world? Ari e-1 4mm x 1.40 mm Japanese pulications
101. The popular comedian Charlie Chaplin came from which country? United Kingdom
102. The Adi Granth is a holy book of which religion? The Sikh Religion
103. What was the title of Mahatma Gandhi's autobiography? My Experiments with truth
104. Who is the author of King Soloman's Ring? Konard Lorenz
105. Which is the first country to use Postage stamps. Great Britain (1840)
106. Who is the creator of the character 'Tarzan'? Edgar Rice Burroughs
107. Who planned Chandigarh city? Le Corbusier
108. Who is known as the Indian Prince of Poets? Kalidas
109. Who built the first Pyramid? Cheops
110. Complete the proverb 'A stitch in time.... Savesnine
111. Who is known as the "Father of Geometry"? Euclid
112. Who wrote the play "Enemy of the people"? Henrik Ibsen
113. With which personality is Teacher's Day September 5th linked? Dr.S. Radhakrishnan
114. A comedian insured his nose for Ten lakh dollars.Who was he? Jimmy Durant
115. Who said that 'The fool has one great advantage over the man of Sense' - he is always satisfies with himself? Napoleon
116. With what is Bhimsen Joshi associated? Hindustani Music
117. What is the height of Qutub Minar? 288 feet
118. In which place was the first Printing Press in India set up? Goa
119. What does the letter 'U' stand for in the U certificate given by Censors Board? Unrestricted public exhibition
120. Which musical instrument does Bismillah Khan play? Shehnai
121. Which is Shakespeare's Last Play? The Tempest
122. Who was the first Cartoonist to win the B.D. Goenka Award? R.K.Laxman