Saturday, August 18, 2012

વિશ્વ-ભુગોળમાં આગળ પડતું

No. Specility Name
01 Longest River Nile,4145 miles
02 Highest Plateau Pamir (Tibet)
03 Highest Volcano Cotopaxi (Andes,Equador)
04 Longest Mountain System Andes,South America,8800 km,
05 Deepest place in the Ocean Off the Island of Mariana Trench,Philippines,36198 ft.
06 Lowest point on Surface Dead Sea,Israel-Jordan,1312 ft.below sea level
07 Biggest and deepest Ocean Pacific Ocean,64186300 sq.miles
08 Smallest Ocean Arctic ocean,5440197 Sq.miles
09 Largest north-south stretch of land America
10 Largest Continent Asia,16988000 sq.miles
11 Smallest Continent Australia,2968000 sq.miles
12 Largest River (in volume) Amazon (Brazil)
13 Largest River Basin Basin of Amazon,2720000 sq.miles
14 Largest Salt Water Lake Caspian Sea(U.S.S.R. and Iran),43550 sq.miles
15 Largest fresh water Lake Superior (31200 Sq.miles)
16 Deepest Lake Baikal (Siberia),5315 ft.average depth
17 Largest Artificial Lake Lake Mead of Boulder Dam (U.S.A.)
18 Highest Navigable Lake Titicaca (Peru-Bolivia),12506 ft.above sea level
19 Longest Straits Malacca Straits between Malaysia and Sumatra (Indonesia) 485 miles long.
20 Broadest Strait Mozambique Straits,between Mozambique and Malagasy, maximum breadth, 245 miles
21 Narrowest Strait Between Greek mainland and the Island of Euboea,narrowest point,45 yds.
22 Largest Bay Bay of Bengal,shoreline,2250 miles
23 Largest Gulf Gulf of Mexico,Shoreline,3100 miles
24 Coldest Regions Verkhoyansk in N.W.Siberia,temperature 94. F below Zero
25 Hottest Regions Noerth-West Sahara Azizia (Libya) 58. C
26 Highest mountain peak in the world Everest 29028 ft.high*(Nepal)
27 Densest population Monaco,(37687 per Sq.mile)
28 Largest Island Greenland,840000 Sq.miles(N.Atlantic)
29 Highest Town Wenchuan (Tibet),16732 ft.above sea-level
30 Highest Village Aucanquiles in Andes,Chile-17500 ft.
31 Highest Capital City La Paz (Bolivia),11916 ft.above sea-level
32 Deepest Canyon Hell's Canyon (U.S.A.),7900 ft.deep
33 Deepest Cave Gouffre Bergea(France),3723 ft.deep
34 Biggest Desert Sahara(N.Africa),3500000 sq.miles
35 Largest Peninsula India
36 Largest Inland Sea Mediterranean (969100 sq.miles)
37 Largest Sea Malaya Sea,314000 Sq.miles
38 Largest Gorge Grand Canyon,Colorado River,277 miles long
39 Deepest Gorge Hells Canyon,Snake River,7900 ft.deep
40 Highest Rainfall Mt.Waialeale,Hawai Islands,460 inches
41 Largest Archipelago Indonesia,comprising 3000 islands
42 Tallest Active Geyser `Giant' in the Yellowstone National Park (U.S.A.),200 ft high
43 Longest Coral Reef Great Barrier Reef(Australia),1260 miles long
44 Largest Atoll Kwajalein,Marshall Islands(Central Pacific)with a 176 miles long coral reef enclosing a lagoon of 1100 Sq.miles
45 Highest Waterfall Angel Falls(Venezuela),3212 ft.
46 Biggest Waterfall Guaira(Brazil);average annual flow 470000 cu.ft.per sec.
47 Largest Delta Sunderban Delta in West Bengal and Bangladesh,8000 sq.miles
48 Northernmost Town Ny Alesund,Spitsbergen(Norway)
49 Southernmost Town Puerto Williams,Chile
50 Largest Country U.S.S.R., 8649550 Sq.miles
51 Smallest Country Vatican City, 108.7 acres
52 Highest Mountain System Himalayas